Our little Coco joined us from the NYC ACC.  She was a special plea put out by the rescue division of the shelter called the New Hope Department.  Coco was only 30 minutes from being euthanized due to severe illness and the shelter wanting her to be cared for by a responsible rescue.  Coco came with a huge list of illnesses including uncontrolled diabetes.  After a few brief stays at our vet she is under control on a minimal dosing of insulin twice a day.  Coco also has a severe eye injury for which she has multiple drops, pain medication and eventually we will probably remove her eye as she is blind in it and it is causing pain.  Her immediate needs medically were more important than the enucleation surgery.   She had multiple mammary tumors which required us to do bilateral full mammary chain removal surgeries.  She also had severe dental disease which required an extensive dental procedure.  Dental health can be the root of many other illnesses so this can help Coco greatly.  She also has a mass on her chest which is being addressed as well.   This dog is the sweetest girl and worth all of the extensive vet care she is getting.  Now we would love to find her a wonderful home where the only issue she will leave with is her diabetes and insulin shots.  We are pretty confident that we have addressed everything for this beauty.


We are limited in the number of dogs we can save mostly due to availability of homes where the dogs can stay.  We do not use boarding facilities for our dogs as we feel it is too stressful of an atmosphere.  Our dogs live in our homes along with our own animals.  The rescue pays all of the expenses.  Please help us to save more dogs.


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