Tyson came from the NYC animal shelter. Our vet guessed he is probably 8 or 9 years old We are super confused because they said he is 15 but there is pretty much NO WAY. Our vet said he can be as young as 8 and that if he was 15 that he is the best looking dog for his age EVER. His teeth are amazingly clean and could pass for 8 easily. His eyes have minimal change for an aging dog. Just had a dental in June 2017. He is pretty active too. I'd have to say we are honest so that is why I am putting the 15 part. He loves to snuggle. He loves walks. He doesn't like when you put a harness on him. He startles a little easily so we would like adult home for him. Write questions to newbeginningresq@aol.com Long Island adoptions only Home check, vet check and references needed. Fine with dogs but couldn't care to have them around. Cats unknown Does like children but being he startles easy we won't adopt to a home that has them living there. Visiting children are fine.
Senior, Male, Small, Poodle, Spayed/Neutered, Up-to-date with routine shots