Why should I adopt instead of buying a dog?

The number of dogs in the United States that are euthanized in shelters is epidemic.  There are many others that sit in kennels for weeks, months and even years.  Also buying a dog promotes puppy mills that are abusive to animals and neglectful.  There are many mixed and pure breed dogs available for adoption.


What is the adoption process?

Download our adoption application from our web site or ask us to e-mail you one.  Fill it out completely so we can make sure the dog you choose is a good match or we can suggest one for you.   We will check all your references and contact you to set up a home visit and an appointment to meet one or more dogs.  Once you decide if you wish to adopt we will make the final decision based upon our observations of how the interaction goes.  We will also arrange a meet and greet if you have other animals in your home.  There is no guarantee that a dog will be adopted to the first person to meet the dog.  It is based upon the best fit for the particular animal.


Adoption Fees:

Our adoption fees go toward our expenses to care for our dogs.  It is not a purchase price for a particular dog.  We have medical expenses, medications trainers and supplies that we provide to foster homes.  In most cases the fee does not cover nearly what our rescue spends on the average care.   The fee for dogs varies depending upon the age and the health of the dog.


What if I change my mind after adopting?

We want this adoption to work and we will help you fix anything that is upsetting you or problems you are having.  We will give advice or send a trainer to help you.   We will have already advised you that it takes time for a dog to adjust to new surroundings.  Your dog must be returned to us if it doesn’t work but you must give us adequate time to find a foster home or adoptive home.  


How long does the adoption process take?

All circumstances are different but we can process your application in a few days if we are able to contact all of your references and we have the ability to do a home inspection.  You will be offered the earliest possible appointment to meet the dog or dogs you are interested in.  Some dogs are not yet available until all medical care is finished.  Generally speaking the process would not take more than a few weeks in the most complex situation.


Will my dog be fully vetted when I adopt?

Our dogs will not be adopted to anyone without being spayed or neutered unless in the case of a puppy under six months old.  In that case there will be an additional contract signed by the adopter and the rescue would alter the dog immediately upon the dog being medically able to have the procedure.  This would be done at the Veterinarian of our choice and the adopter would be responsible to provide transportation.  All dogs are micro-chipped, fully vaccinated with necessary vaccines (some specialized by geographic immunizations must be done by adopter), heartworm tested and dewormed.  Our dogs leave with all medical care suggested by our Veterinarian.